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Title: dumb dumb and dumb
Artist: huang zitao ft. baekyeol

tao: say EXO! 

fans: EXO!

tao: say T-A-O! 

fans: T-A-O!

tao: one more time say EXO! 

fans: EXO!

tao: say T-A-O! 

fans: T-A-O!

tao: /screams/ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANK YOu /chokes/ very much…..

exo & fans: /lmao/

baekyeol: /nonstop imitating tao’s mistake/ i love you thank you so much argh eeuheueh uhuuhhhh arhhgsh




watch this whole thing please

jfc im laughing my ass off

fuck this octopus

Reasons to stan Kim Hyoyeon [part 6]

Meet red velvet ‘brain’, Wendy



140824 WYF fans formed a 凡 at Shenzhen airport when they sent off Fanfan last night 

cr: _Gloriaaa ; wu_yi_fan

That is seriously the cutest thing. 😭

His reaction:


Seriously the cutest thing ever.

Title: Roommate Duet Cut
Artist: Baekhyun & Chanyeol (guitar)

The full duet scene never actually aired on the show, however a cut was played in the background during the scene where Baekhyun was leaving the Roommate house. After searching the lyrics as well as looking at the list of BGM from that specific episode, the song appears to be an original. [DL]



Holy fuck

I’m so happy